Corellium Cube

Virtual devices. Real-world accuracy.

Accelerate your development work on iOS, Android and beyond with the power of ARM-based virtual devices.

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Physical devices aren't efficient. Emulators aren't accurate. We combine the best of both in a high-fidelity virtual environment.

Corellium Capabilities

From game streaming to security testing, our technology empowers pioneering advancements in the ARM ecosystem.

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Our technology is limitless.
Explore how our groundbreaking products can advance your work on ARM.

Security Research

Accelerate your mobile security work with our advanced virtual research environment.

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App Streaming

Stream native Android apps and games to deliver consistent performance regardless of device capacity.

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Device Modeling

Test with unparalleled speed and accuracy as you develop new hardware and firmware.

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App Testing - Coming Soon

We're working hard to enable developers to test their mobile apps in a convenient, low-cost, highly accurate virtual environment.

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Committed to supporting education and nonprofit initiatives

Whether you're looking to advance your trainings or working on a project that benefits society at large, we're excited to support your work with discounts that will fit your budget.

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